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Finding it difficult to create engaging and unique content that drives results?

Take the stress out of content strategies and let our experts put you on the path to profit growth.

At Styx Media, we understand the challenges ecommerce store owners face.
That’s why we created our tailored Topic Strategy service – to help you overcome frustrations and see real results.

Why Topic Strategy

A robust semantic topical strategy brings numerous benefits to your ecommerce store.
It optimizes site architecture, ensuring seamless navigation and user-friendly experience.

By targeting the right topics from the middle-of-the-funnel (MoFu) and bottom-of-the-funnel (BoFu) stages, it drives qualified traffic and decreases CAC.

Additionally, it establishes brand authority in your niche, fostering trust and credibility among your target audience.

Unleash Success with Tailored SEO Solutions

Our comprehensive Topic Strategy service tackles your key pain points head on.

We’ll work closely with you to develop a targeted content plan that truly resonates with your audience, drives traffic, and delivers measurable results.

By leveraging the power of:

You can enhance your online visibility, engage your target audience, and drive more conversions.

It's time to turn the tide and achieve the success you deserve!

By harnessing the power of SEO for ecommerce stores, you can address these frustrations head-on and unlock your Shopify store’s true potential.


Scale Quickly with Strategic Content

Leveraging topical mapping, SEO, content production and planning strategies to boost traffic, sales and conversions.

Understanding the entities associated with your ecommerce store is crucial for effective content optimization.

We’ll perform entity analysis to identify key entities and their attributes. 

By leveraging this analysis, we can optimize your content to improve its relevance and context in search engine results, enhancing your overall online presence with a rich experience for your users. 

A topical map serves as the foundation for your content strategy.

It involves identifying the core topics and subtopics relevant to your ecommerce store and organizing them in a hierarchical structure. 

Our Head of SEO will conduct thorough research to understand your
– industry
– target audience
– competitors,
and create a comprehensive topical map that aligns with your business objectives.

Once we have a well-defined topical map, we’ll help you develop a topic strategy that focuses on creating valuable content around each topic and subtopic. 

This involves analyzing search intent, identifying knowledge gaps, and formulating content ideas that address your customers’ needs.

By covering a wide range of topics, you can establish your store as a trusted source of information and attract a lot of market share. 

Consistency is key when it comes to content marketing.

We’ll help you develop a content calendar that outlines when and where your content will be published. 

By following a structured schedule, you can keep your audience engaged and maintain a steady flow of relevant content.

Our team of writers, editors & dedicated project managers will work closely with you to plan and organize your content calendar, ensuring that it aligns with your overall business objectives.


Our content production services ensure the creation of high-quality, engaging, and informative content that resonates with your target audience. 

Whether it’s blog posts, product guides, videos, or social media content, we’ll develop a content production plan that aligns with your topic strategy.

Our team of skilled writers and content creators will craft compelling content that not only educates and entertains but also drives traffic and conversions.

To stay ahead of the competition and capitalize on seasonal trends, we’ll help you develop a seasonal content strategy.

By identifying key events, holidays, and trends relevant to your industry, we’ll create a plan to produce timely and engaging content. 

This strategy will enable you to leverage the increased customer interest during specific seasons and drive targeted traffic to your ecommerce store.

The Process

We dive deep into your industry, research impactful topics, and craft a well-structured content plan to deliver valuable and engaging content that resonates with your target audience.


Before we go ahead with our topic strategy, we first hold an in-depth call with stakeholders & sales team to understand everything there is about the business & the product. 

Entity Analysis

After understanding business goals & the product, we then analyse for relevant entities & their attributes that fits the business’s theme. 

Topic Research

After finding the relevant entities, we then look out for all the relevant topics & subtopics for your business. Topics that will give you more ROI + get you the brand authority your company deserves. 

Preparing Topical Map

After topic research, we then prepare a topical map where all of the details regarding the topic clusters is comprehensively listed down. 

Preparing Content Calendar

Our content calendar comes in two forms: an airtable sheet & an excel sheet. 

Both the sheets contain all the necessary data required to produce content at scale. 

Content Production*

We also take care of the full Content production needs for your brand. 

With our proprietary systems, we comfortably produce 30 – 100 pieces of content per month with a team of quality writers, dedicated project manager & content marketers. 

The Deliverables

Topical Map Airtable Sheet

Easily visualise the data using pivot tables

Topical Mind Map

Delivered in PDF format

Topical Map Excel Sheet

For all the excel lovers

"Styx has been great with developing a content strategy with velocity in focus. Delivering for that strategy with quality content and internal linking. The traffic to the site has gone up significantly and we are quite happy with the progress. Simply put their strategy works with time."

Bharath Balakrishnan

Bharath Balakrishnan



Questions & Answers

1. How does seasonal content strategy play a role in engaging my target audience and driving traffic?

Seasonal content strategy plays a crucial role in engaging your target audience and driving traffic by capitalizing on timely and relevant topics.

By aligning your content with seasons, holidays, events, or trends, you can create a sense of urgency and relevance, capturing the attention of your audience.

2. How can I measure the effectiveness of the strategies implemented and the impact on my business?

This can be done using many analytical tools such as Google Search Console & GA4.

More importantly is to stick with the plan and then monitor the KPIs.

For instance, a KPI for this can be last click attribution, page on time, next page click, CTR, exit behaviour. 

3. Can you explain the difference between a topical map and a content calendar, and how they work together in a content strategy?

A topical map outlines key themes and topics, while a content calendar helps schedule and track content production. They work together in a content strategy by providing strategic direction (topical map) and ensuring organized execution (content calendar).

The content calendar is a part of topic strategy. 

4. How long does it typically take to see results from the content strategy, and what factors can impact the timeline?

Results from a content strategy typically take time and consistency to manifest. Factors such as content quality, competition, promotion, audience engagement, SEO, and distribution channels can impact the timeline.

While immediate impact is possible, it often takes several months to a year or more to see significant and sustainable results.

5. What types of content do you produce, and how do you determine which formats and channels are best suited for our business?

We produce a range of content formats tailored to your business needs, including blog posts, articles, social media updates, infographics, and more.

To determine the best-suited formats and channels for your business, we consider several factors:

  1. Target audience
  2. Business goals
  3. Distribution channel
  4. Market trends
  5. Competitor analysis
  6. Resources
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